Riverside Rocks chosen charity partner for 2017 is

“The Lavender Touch”


The Lavender Touch Service and Charity came about as a result of 12 local tradesmen from Lauder posing for a calendar back in 2000. This calendar, the brainchild of two local fundraisers, Heather Runciman and Sheila Scott, generated around £10,000. The pair then approached Dr Paul Cormie, lead cancer GP in the Borders, and Elaine Peace, lead cancer Nurse who suggested the idea of a complementary therapy service for the area.

A steering group comprising of Jan Beattie, Angela Secretan, the two fundraisers and other health professionals was set up to take the idea forward. As a result The Lavender Touch was started in 2003 with the £10,000 Since then over 2000 families affected by cancer in the Scottish Borders have been supported by the service. Jan, Sheila and Heather still continue many years on, but with a slightly larger committee helping to fund raise in excess of £40,000 a year to keep the service going.


During the last ten years we have done fundraising in many ways, through partnerships with local supermarkets Asda and Tesco, Rugby clubs, Rotary clubs, local high schools, Gala Operatic Society, Masonic Lodges, Heriot Watt University, Borders College to name but a few. We have had people run Marathons for us, had sponsored walks, horse rides, sponsored swims, plant sales, craft fairs and the wee boy who donated his pocket money!
Our cookery book ‘Touch of the Borders’ was a complete sell out and with the money raised this helped run the service for more than a year.

One of our more recent touching fundraisers was when schoolchildren at Earlston High School along with teacher Jeff Thomson composed a song for us as part of their course work.

Over the last few years we have put a lot of work into developing products for those with cancer. These are now selling to the public and the National Health Service in Scotland. Purchases can also be made through our website Shop

We encourage people to become involved to help create the next chapter in the history of the charity and service.