Surviving Festivals

Getting Tickets

Buying tickets to a festival might sound like an easy thing to do. However, if the event is very popular then it is possible that tickets will sell out fairly quickly. Therefore you should prepare in order to make sure that you avoid disappointment.

Utilise A Calendar

Most festivals will announce the dates when ticket sales become live. It is very important that you make a note of these in your calendar so that you do not miss out. Waking up early and preparing ahead of time will ensure that you are ready to snatch up your ticket when the time comes.

Work As A Team

If you end up missing out on getting a ticket all hope of enjoying the festival might not be completely lost. Some people work as a team and all try to buy tickets simultaneously. That way if one person does not get one in time they will still be able to attend the festival. This tactic has proven to be a useful way for savvy festival fans to guarantee their place at an event.

Avoid Ticket Touts

In the past, ticket touts tended to buy up all available tickets and sell them at inflated prices. Recently, artists and venue organisers have sought to prevent this from happening. Sometimes tickets bought from secondary sources are rejected at the door. This forces festival goers to only get tickets from the primary providers. Therefore it is best to never buy from touts as your ticket could end up being invalid.

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