Surviving Festivals


Unless you have other accommodation booked you will likely be staying overnight in a camping area during a festival weekend. This means you will need to rent or buy a good tent. There are several things that should be considered in order to determine which one is right for you.


The tent will need to have plenty of room, not just for you but everyone else who will be staying inside it. It is inadvisable for every member of the group to bring their own one man tent. The problem with this is that you may not have enough designated camping space available.

It is better to split the group into sub-groups, with each member sharing a tent with others. Not only will this tent need to fit in all these people. It should also have the space for everyone’s gear.

Weather Resistant

It can be tempting to save money by purchasing the cheapest possible tent. Unfortunately these products do not usually provide the adequate protection against various forms of weather. Their material is often flimsy and prone to breaking.

A good tent should be strong and able to shield campers from wind, rain and the sun. The roof has to be leak proof, otherwise water will get inside and make conditions unlivable. The body of the tent should be able to withstand strong gales and not be easily blown over.


Since the majority of festivals take place during the summer months the tent being used will be exposed to a lot of sunlight. Cheaper models will get too hot and stuffy after being out in the sun for too long. A high quality tent will allow fresh air to constantly enter the interior.

Keep Critters Out

It is not a good idea to leave food in a tent as this can attract wild animals and insects. If these creatures are determined enough they can get into any dwelling. However, modern tents are much more resilient. Some of them are made from mosquito net type material so that the tent is shielded from bugs.

Heavy Duty Zips

This aspect of tents is often overlooked by buyers. You will be constantly entering and exiting this dwelling. The zip needs to be reliable. Most people have suffered the inconvenience of a broken zip. If this occurs on a tent it can mean that the shelter is either difficult to get into, or worse, completely exposed to the outside.

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