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Wayne’s World 2

The Story

Wayne’s World 2 is a 1993 comedy film following two young men who attempt to put on a large festival. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey play the main characters. They previously portrayed Wayne and Garth in the first film, Wayne’s World, as well as on sketches during the comedy programme Saturday Night Live.

This sequel perfectly shows the various difficulties that come with organising a festival. Wayne first gets the idea when he has a dream during which he meets musician Jim Morrison in a desert. Morrison tells Wayne that it is his destiny to create a musical event. Wayne decides to call it “Waynestock”. During a radio interview Wayne lists the famous bands that will play there even though he has not even booked them yet.


The first obstacle Wayne and Garth must overcome is publicity. They need to inform enough people of the event so that plenty of concert goers come. After this they have to fill in the right forms, which ends up taking a considerable amount of time.

The two of them employ the services of a professional roadie. They use him to plan out the complicated logistics that come with running a festival. However, he ends up suffering a mental breakdown and insists that machine gun turrets be placed strategically around the venue.

Wayne and Garth finally manage to sell enough tickets for Waynestock. Unfortunately none of the bands turn up. This causes the crowd to become rowdy as they demand that music be played. Meanwhile someone in the audience distributes bad red liquorice that has the potential to make people sick. Luckily, the popular rock band Aerosmith shows up and saves the festival from becoming a disaster.

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